Plenary Talks

Taras Banakh: A solution of the Tingley problem for C2-smooth 2-dimensional Banach spaces
Francesco De Giovanni: Paranilpotency in group theory
Ivan Gotchev: To be announced
Salvador Hernández: Subgroups of direct products of finite cyclic groups
Karl H. Hofmann: The group algebra of a compact group
Michael Megrelishvili: Minimality properties of some topological matrix groups
Alberto Tonolo: Filtrations induced by tilting modules
Luigi Salce: Fully inert subgroups of Abelian p-groups
Manuel Sanchis: Nonautonomous dynamical systems and inverse limits
Dmitri Shakhmatov: Minimal almost periodicity, extreme amenability and the small subgroup generating property
Walter Tholen: Interior operators vs. dual closure operators
Vladimir Uspenskij: Topological groups from a categorical viewpoint
Jan van Mill: Some aspects of homogeneous spaces and topological groups

Contributed Talks

To be announced